Last Day in Asia

Started the day with an early lunch


It was kind of neat, they have a bunch of dishes out and you grab what you want and pay by the weight. After hanging out at home for a bit, my uncle dropped me off at wu fen pu, a fashion/shopping market. It’s changed quite a bit since I last went. The stores are like small boutiques instead of outlets and more expensive than before. Lots of cool new styles but not very cheap. My cousin joined me later in the day! We shopped some more and then moved on to Raohe Night Market for dinner! They’re famous for their pepper cakes:


Got papaya milk and then taro shaved ice 🙂


My cousin baked a fresh mango cake for me! It was so sweet of her and really delicious!! Got knocked around while shopping though.


Polaroid pics:

image image

On the way home, I got kind of mixed up at the MRT (Mass rapid transit, which is like our BART). They have many rails at each station and it’s a hassle if you miss your stop. There’s two sets of rails on each side, so you have to take an escalator up and then go around to the other side to board a train going in the other direction. Makes me appreciate the simplicity of BART.

Photo Jun 05, 7 51 13 AM Brought some of these babies home :3

Early the next day, I arrived at TaoYuan airport and boarded the plane home. It was such an experience to have a window seat and be able to see the ascending. It still seems crazy that a huge metal mass can fly so high.

image image image image image image

This trip was a blast and I think we’ll return next year, maybe for a longer time period too!


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