Asia Day 13

Started the day off at a morning street market, which mainly sells produce, fruits, and meat. Got some noodles for breakfast 😊


It was really ridiculously hot so after we went home we took a break and cooled off. I got bored quickly so I went to a hair salon and got my hair washed. My uncle took me on his motorcycle :):) My aunt and mom took another bike and joined me. We all got foot massages afterwards! The masseuses thought I was 16 lol but they were nice and we chatted the whole time. They work 10 hours a day massaging…pretty tough.

We then went to a good court in a mall to get lunch. Got some mediocre teppanyaki but really good papaya milk and then sugar can juice and then taro milk shaved ice afterwards 😀

image image

Then we hung out at another aunt’s house all afternoon to play with my niece. I took a nap too 😄 We got dinner at 牛肉城, which we always go to when we come back. Reservations are now required, though. It was reaaallllyy good, as expected. Exotic taiwanese dishes. I tried some shark skin and snail I think :/ (sorry shark) Snail meat is kind of tough aha. Their fried 牛蒡 or “great burdock”, a root, was insanely good. We ordered two! Of course there was also fresh bamboo with taiwanese mayonnaise (which is sweet) and taiwanese beer! yum

image image

We ended the the night with more shaved ice and very full stomachs. Later, my cousins taught me how to make rubber band bracelets with the looms and everything!



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