Asia Day 12

After a last lunch with grandparents, we took a 2 hour ride on the taiwan rail from kaohsiung to taipei. Slept the whole way! Had some time to kill before getting picked up by my aunt and dining together, so we went back to ximending :):) Bought some random stuff and got some pre-dinner snacks! (popcorn chicken from 1973, matcha ice cream)



The place we were trying to eat at was full and requires reservations now so we ended up getting zongzi and pig intestine soup hah. It was way too hot for soup so I got a papaya milkshake right after :3

After dinner, we took a walk through a small night market nearby. I actually didnt buy anything…it was mostly food anyway and I was stuffed. My cousins and brother played at some game stands and won stuffed animals. We got shaved ice before leaving for home. I finished a milk snow ice all by myself! Was too full as I am every other night here.. In my defense, because I don’t get to spend a lot of time here, I should eat one of everything when I get the chance! 😉

image image

My aunt’s:



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