Asia Day 9 & 10

Haven’t done too much to take pictures of here, mainly avoiding the heat and spending time with relatives.

Photo Jun 10, 5 34 43 PM

Photo Jun 10, 6 18 07 PM Photo Jun 10, 6 15 26 PM

Day 8: went to my first night market in 6 years!!! Rui Fong Night Market in KaoHsiung. It was so hot and I only got about an hour….we spent most of the time eating: stinky tofu, milk tea, bbq shrimp, taiwanese sausages, baked cheese roll, and papaya milk! All th e food stands are so cheap! A dolla for a milk tea. Didn’t really buy anything (surprisingly). I have been doing some market research and know where to get certain things cheaper 😀

image image

  • Earlier in the day, my 86 year old gramps took me on his moped to see his eye doctor! I was hesitant but he was a really good driver. (I had a corneal infection from rubbing my eye with contacts in last week and had to follow up). Corneal infections are not fun and can ruin your vision 😦 Luckily mine was pretty minor. More on this later!
  • Lets see… I did some house work and stopped at 7-11 briefly! The milk here is really good too so I got a lot of that :3 and THESE CHIPS. They are so yummy.


Day 9

  • Today, we all woke up early to go see my grandmother’s grave at the edge of KaoHsiung. On the way, we passed by a university built by a super rich person, who also built a theme park next to it. (A university + a bunch of roller coaster next to it is kind of an unforgettable sight. Felt like  an asian hogwarts theme park. Said rich person also owns the whole city apparently.) We burned these paper things, which I’ve always disliked doing since they burn a huge stack of painted papers for each person and plumes of smoke are emitted from the furnace. BUT they recently installed a carbon capture and heat-to-energy generator to the roof of the furnace and that made me pretty happy 🙂 People finally getting their shit together.
  • After we got back to the city, we got breakfast with the grandparents! Also got 3 mosquito bites in 10 minutes. Immediately applied my lemongrass repellent and after-bite. (Both are items to carry at all times here!) sigh I hate mosquito bites.

Photo Jun 10, 10 04 01 AM

  • It was early so we all headed to the hair salon to get massages and our hair washed. You can get both for less than $10!!
  • Spent the rest of the day at Hansen’s shopping mall. Super upscale and expensive place with many foreign stores. We got dinner at this restaurant next to their hotel! Pretty fancy place with all real silver silverware, but pretty okay, in terms of price, compared to a meal in the States.
  • After heading home and getting some errands done, my mom and brother and I went to check out a small night market (Shin Jue Jiang) down the street. They close at 10:30 though, boo. I didn’t get to go till late. Got some earrings and a shirt though!  Also successfully haggled once tonight:D
  • On the way home, we walked through Urban Spotlight, a park with many light displays. It was pretty neat!

image image image


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