Asia Day 8

Sorry, I did not take any photos today 😦

BUT here’s a short summary:

  • Visited xi men ding, a very popular tourist/shopping spot in Taipei with streets of food stands and small shops. We went too early though, barely anything is open before noon but we still got to shop a little. Lots of walking and it was like 100 degrees. Definitely coming back when I return to Taipei! but at night. (
  • After this, we had an appointment that lasted 3 hours…super boring until my cousin came to the rescue 😀 She took me shopping around the area while my parents were busy and I got a cute red dress for 390 NTD ($13) among a few other steals! Happy.
  • Headed to Taipei train station and took the high speed rail to Kao Hsiung! Had a bento from the train station on the 2 hour train ride to southern Taiwan (no picture because I was too hungry but it was really good and pretty filling and only $3!!). Once we were there, we took a taxi to a restaurant where my dad’s side all showed up! Annoying taxi driver was complaining in Taiwanese for half the ride and was super sassy. After dinner, we went to my grandpa’s house for a bit to catch up and went to my aunt’s house, where we’re staying the next few days. Have never been more impressed by an apartment I’ve seen in Taiwan…so lucky to be staying here 😀

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