Asia Day 6

Woke up early and got breakfast downstairs! The hotel manager makes it himself and it was pretty good 😀 My 10 year old cousin said he helped make the bacon!

Photo Jun 07, 12 53 21 AM

After breakfast, we toured the city, stopping by multiple tourist spots. Nice views since we were pretty high up! But it was also foggy so we couldn’t see much… However, I did see a lot of big fuzzy caterpillars!

Photo Jun 06, 12 10 40 PM

Afterwards, we went to get lunch in Yi Lan, known for its seafood. Pretty good 🙂 spent like 6500 NTD for 17 people, not even $12/person for a meal that included lobster, shrimp, crab, sashimi, fish , soup etc and beer.

Photo Jun 06, 1 50 38 PM Photo Jun 06, 1 55 36 PM

We then drove a bit to get pickled fruits, and found this neat store next to it. Upon entering, you can smell the sweet smell of peanuts and you see the chef making candy. They use maltose candy (famous taiwan mai ya tang, meaning wheat sprout, known to be very sticky and sweet and is in many handmade candies here.) He dumps the maltose in the powder and coat it in a peanut powder over and over again, rolling it like dough every time he folded it. He then repeats this to form layers in the candy, chops it up, and packages it on the spot. The inventory of maltose is kept at 30C to keep it soft and malleable, since maltose gets really brittle and hard at lower temperatures. The end product is a chewy–not sticky– peanut flavored dessert!

Photo Jun 06, 5 13 41 PMPhoto Jun 06, 4 53 30 PMPhoto Jun 06, 4 53 44 PM

1 person can only buy 2 boxes max. That way, people don’t have to wait in line forever.

Since it was raining and we had a bunch of toddlers around, we couldn’t go to the Luo Dong night market 😥 , but we had dinner at (direct translation huo san bao fa ji) “volcano erupted chicken”. I reallly liked their stir fry veggies. They consisted of edible wild herbs I had never seen and just really well-cooked dishes. I ate the whole plate of yam leaves cooked with garlic and green onions. I wish I knew how to make it 😦 I thought the chicken was just ok. I loved their other dishes though! Also found their coke bottles interesting.

Photo Jun 06, 6 53 10 PM Photo Jun 06, 6 48 57 PM

At night, we went to my aunt’s place and swam in their indoor pool and spa! Had a good time with the little ones.


  • You’re supposed to shower briefly before you enter a pool and everyone wears swimming caps.

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