Asia Day 5

Less eventful day today-

After a morning of packing and driving, we arrived at the airport around noon. The Tokyo airport is super pretty and cultural! Japanese lanterns all over the place, real assorted flowers indoors. The have really nice stores and one shopping area is space-themed, with a planetarium overhead and strobe lights on the ground! (Sorry no pics, my mom was using my phone and I ran off to check it out) We got some spaghetti cause we hadn’t had the chance to get any during our stay. Everyone should try japanese pasta at some point! It just tastes…different in a good way! We had their squid and roe spaghetti

Photo Jun 05, 12 03 10 PM

Before going through security, we said bye to my aunt, uncle (who took the day off to take us to the airport), and grandma. After getting through, I saw they were still there and waved to them a few more times, haha. They’re so sweet

  • All seats have a USB charging station
  • They served a kick ass meal (different flavor onigiri, karage, salmon, soba, mochi, edamame)
  • The milk/juices they serve is from Japan and super yummy
  • They give you free wine/beer.
  • Their toilets are bidets and their bathroom sinks are automatic. Apparently the toilet lids automatically close when you flush too!
  • Flight attendants are super nice and courteous.

Photo Jun 05, 1 17 51 PM Photo Jun 05, 1 20 02 PM

After we arrived, and a short trip to the doctor’s, we headed to Jiao Xi (50 min from Songshan airport). It started POURING. Was also  a bit of a culture shock… everything is dirtier, I could actually understand everyone, and the way people drive here is much more scary, but it’s Taiwan! All is forgiven. Especially after we got green onion pancakes from this popular stand (he shi 4). After checking out my aunt’s new property, we got dinner and shopped around. Dinner featured assorted fresh seafood. We walked up to the restaurant and you’re presented with a wide variety of raw fish (I can’t name). Definitely smells fishy. Then they place your selection in a basket and ask you how to cook each item! The grilled wild shrimp was the best I’ve ever had. Also got some stinky tofu (not pictured). 🙂

Photo Jun 05, 7 24 44 PM

We then got to shop around. I had to go to family mart (favorite convenience store in taiwan) and get some fruit milk. It kinda just tastes like sweet flavored soymilk that smells like fruit.

Photo Jun 05, 9 05 23 PM

Then we headed back to my aunt’s house. She especially invited us here to see the beautiful view and to try her spa. Her tub tap runs mineral water and the big tub fills up in 3 minutes! Didn’t try it but probably will tomorrow. Another aunt and her family joined us and we all hung out or a bit, over some exotic taiwanese fruits. Now I’m at a hotel (which looks like a house, as all hotels here do) babysitting my two rambunctious little cousins 😛

Photo Jun 06, 12 21 35 AM


  • In Japan, they’ll announce on the PA and have people stand a few gates away with signs and everything if they discover you haven’t boarded BY the departure time, They’ll wait ten minutes before they leave.
  • Everyone wears sandals in the rain here.
  • Always carry mosquito repellent around. I was bitten twice, 20 minutes into dinner 😦 They now use a lot of lemongrass stuff, which is much more natural. Apparently sprays are bad and the roller things are good, not sure why.

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