Asia Day 3

Visited the tallest tower in the world today!  (and experienced a rainy day in Japan)

Behold, the Tokyo Sky Tree:

Photo Jun 03, 12 28 38 PM

Spent most of the early afternoon at Tokyo Solamachi, which is right next to it! It features a ton (~300) of little restaurants and shops, not limited to the Totoro store, Cheese Garden (their cheesecake samples are a must!!), over-priced but irresistible souvenir and designer shops, and Tomorakuno 63℃ (super yummy milk-flavored soft serve). An example:

Photo Jun 03, 2 46 01 PM

My aunt told me there were 4 especially notable ice cream places here, Tomorakuno 63℃, a cheese gelato, matcha soft serve, and cheese soft serve store. I foolishly decided to try as many as I could. Ended up missing out on the matcha yet was still incredibly and uncomfortably full. Next time! (I also really want to see their aquarium and building history next time. It’s hard to believe such a tall structure is earthquake-proof)

my FAVORITE ice cream was Tomorakuno 63℃. One of the best I’ve ever had!

Photo Jun 03, 2 26 30 PM Photo Jun 03, 2 26 13 PM

Had to try their milk too, of course.

Photo Jun 03, 11 46 27 PM

Needless to say, I was in my happy place & double-fisting. 🙂

The gelato came in second. It was cheese and strawberry flavored, with bits of real strawberry mixed in. A little bit on the sweet side but really flavorful and savory too!

Photo Jun 03, 2 50 28 PMPhoto Jun 03, 2 59 36 PM

Cheese ice cream is surprisingly tasty. It just tastes more milk-like and creamy (not in a way that makes you sick with too much creaminess). I thought this one wasn’t as good as the first two. Sorry, my mom did the unthinkable and took a spoonful BEFORE my photo.

Photo Jun 03, 3 04 15 PM

Oh and for lunch (which came before the ice cream) we ate at their food court. The yakitori store had such yummy chicken meatballs and chicken skewers!! charcoal-grilled taste and everything. The onigiri shop was cool too! Really wanted a salmon one but opted for my cousin’s favorite: chicken rice with half a soft-boiled egg. My mom got sushi, assorted karage, and an egg tofu thing. I also bought a small box of amaebi to splurge on (for $4!!).

Photo Jun 03, 1 26 17 PM Photo Jun 03, 11 46 30 PM

Photo Jun 02, 9 09 41 PM Photo Jun 02, 8 40 00 PM Photo Jun 02, 8 39 27 PM

I was trying to get on their shitty wifi. but nope, couldn’t even send a facebook message after multiple tries.

After stuffing my face with ice cream, we went to a wholesaler store. (I think it’s called Ton ya) 5 floors of everything, all cheaper than market price. Blow dryers, backpacks cosmetics, cleaning products, stationary, fans, key chains, earrings. You have to be (affiliated with) a member to get in and members are all store owners and shop keepers. My aunt got us in via connections, but we were forced to finish in an hour since it closes at 5 :/

We took the taxi home to drop everything off and shortly after, we went to get ramen. Tokyo ramen @ Marutama = dense chicken-based broth with fresh seaweed and flavorful soft-boiled egg.

Photo Jun 03, 6 52 27 PM

Then we went to this ginormous store that also sells everything. Includes an entire supermarket on one of its many floors. I stopped by the arcade for a bit with my brother. Don’t go to these…you will waste so much money 😦 Nothing puts wasted money in perspective like an arcade in a giant store that has everything you could ever need and want.

Anyway, later my uncle drove us back to the sky tree for a night view! It was so pretty. Tokyo is beautiful at night. Apparently, the animated lights cycle between blue and purple every other day.

Photo Jun 03, 10 11 49 PM


  • Always expect to walk a lot as a tourist in Japan.
  • Taxis here have automatic back doors!! They look like typical 4-door sedans but they’re not, and drivers will get mad at you if you close them.

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