Asia 2015 Day 1

Super new to wordpress.  I’ll figure out the details later (sleepy)

Today was my first full day in Japan after 6 years!

Last night: Arrived in Haneda/Tokyo airport at 10PM and my aunt & uncle picked us up. Was greeted with my two japanese favorites, mister donut and japanese whole milk (which is creamy, amazing, likely more fattening, and very different from American milk).

Monday: After catching up with my grandma, we all went to lunch at Kinshicho train station, “one of largest shopping areas of Sumida Ward” (Wikipedia). We ate at the tendon tempura rice bowl restaurant. Tendon is freshly fried tempura over rice with a savory sauce drizzled on top. Definitely going back to buy some sauce to bring home 😀


& soba! Their udon was even better though. All for around $9?

We spent the rest of the day shopping– malls, bakeries, & supermarkets all afternoon. We stopped by a uniqlo cause my aunt said there was a huge sale. Fun fact: They don’t tax foreigners (if you show them your passport). Stuff was slightly cheaper than in the States too.


Pies at Kinshicho!

For dinner, we went back to the train station and had sushi! Splurged on raw sweet shrimp (amaebi) and sea urchin (uni) 🙂

We walked the entire day. So much walking. When we got home I ptfo’d on my aunt’s couch oops.


  • If you’re paying the bill at a restaurant, you hand them the money and wait for them to give you your change before returning to your table.
  • I feel like I haven’t had to wait long for anything here, lines in stores/restaurants, going through customs, getting luggages etc. Pretty neat.
  • There’s a lot of bowing and everyone is courteous.
  • Threaded eyebrows for males are not uncommon here.
  • Everyone dresses pretty formally… would not really recommend wearing short shorts and flip flops. Maybe capris, jeans, or a dress with flats or sandals.
  • Japanese bidets are ubiquitous. However, these fancy toilets can make it difficult for foreigners to figure out how to flush the toilet…(being literate in chinese is helpful :D)
  • They drive relatively slower here.
  • People fold toilet paper like:Toilet paper triangle fold

for the next person that uses the restroom! It makes it easier for the next person to grab some. Apparently, toilet paper origami is also thing. (photo source:

Will take more pictures tomorrow!!


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